Our Journey

  • Free no-obligation discussion over the telephone to explore what is happening.
  • Assessment of your needs and initial actions outlined.
  • Tailored support with goals and plans to address your concerns.
  • Ongoing monitoring and reviewing of progress.
  • Summary assessment of changes made, positives achieved and plans for a strong future.
  • A stronger, happier you, empowered to take on the world!


Exploring different ways of listening, understanding and communicating with others can also help alleviate conflict and loneliness and strengthen relationships. This may range from helping you interpret a situation differently through to making positive active changes.


A therapeutic approach will support you to look after yourself as well as those you care about. I will always follow your lead, work at your pace and at the times and places you are most comfortable with (I'm not keen on Helter Skelters though...)


Reassurance of what is working well.
Flexible times and places for support.
Prevention of issues worsening.
Improved self esteem and confidence
ImprovedĀ  relationships.
Privacy and confidentiality.
Co-working with other services.
Plans for the futureĀ  to stay strong and happy.